Landmine Clearence


  • Full Survey of area
  • Full project management support
  • Manual Clearance Teams (MCT)
  • Mine Detection Dog teams (MDD)
  • Mechanical systems (MECH)
  • Training.
  • Equipment Supply
  • P.P.E. Suppliers.
  • Ongoing Support


We provide training, both classified and sensitive Projects.

All training courses have been developed using latest techniques.

Training packages are unique and are individually tailored to the client’s requirements.

Level 2 – Technical Survey

The Technical Survey is designed to obtain on-the-ground detailed information to enable the preparation of a clearance plan.

Level 3 – Survey or Clearance

The aim of the survey and clearance operation is to remove the threat posed by unexploded mines and ordnance from the suspect area, to facilitate its future use.

Prior to commencement, of any Survey or Mine Clearing. A Standard Operating Procedure and Clearance Plan (S.O.P.) will be developed, reviewed daily, and strictly adhered to.


  • Assistant Professor (external) at University Pardubice,
  • Dept of Theory and Technology of Explosives
  • Instructor in EOD courses.


  • Metal detectors for land
  • Underwater metal detectors
  • Explosive detectors

PPE for demining


  • UXO clearance, commercially since 1993,
  • Clearence 100 -300 hectares annually
  • Advice and consultancy concerns for  explosives and ammunition


  • Ecological disposal of solid rocket propellant by Incineration in a solution
  • Mild pressure water jet washout system, cost-effective
  • Technology for removal press-loaded explosives from Munitions items (mixture on base RDX, HMX, PETN)
  • Blast protective boots. Boots resistant against explosion of AP mines and related ammunition items like sub munitions.
  • General R & D according to customer request

If you are interested in another field of activity and that is not here, contact us for further information.