Modular Construction

Modular construction is an advanced form of facility construction in which a building is built in three-dimensional sections (or modules) in an enclosed factory environment.

Why Modular Construction?

Customers choose portable facilities and modular-constructed buildings for a number of reasons. These include:


For customers who need building space fast, modular is one of the best construction techniques available.


Modular and portable buildings offer more value and flexibility for the end user than factory environments. Depending on a client’s needs, modular buildings can have a lower square foot cost than normal conventional construction.


We can supply both temporary (portable buildings) and permanent modular buildings. Many clients prefer buildings that can be relocated as needed. Our temporary buildings are engineered to withstand the rigors of multiple relocations depending on client’s requirements.

Typical Modular Projects

  • Social accommodation
  • Luxury developments
  • Moderate and high rise
  • Student accommodation
  • Bachelor Accommodation
  • Hotels  Prisons
  • Key worker accommodation
  • Entry point studio flats
  • Offices and commercial premises
  • New build and extensions
  • Land Camps