Industrial Engineering

Great capability to perform projects for major industries in MHS – Assemblies Industrial Ltd. With commissioning of facilities, projects, manufacturing of metal structures and equipment, boilers and industrial assemblies

  • Design, fabrication and assembly of tanks with floating roofs and fixed in various materials (carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel)
  • Design, manufacture and assembly of pressure vessels and other equipment such as boiler silos, chimneys and bins;
  • Design, fabrication and erection of industrial steel structures;
  • Installation of boilers, furnaces, incinerators, flares, columns, towers, processes, industrial pipes, water mains, pipelines and mining equipment such as sieves, grinders, conveyor belts and bucket, flotation machines, chippers, crushers and rotary equipment in general ;
  • Commissioning, testing and pre-operational systems;
  • Management and supervision of industrial assemblies;
  • Assembly of cryogenic systems;
  • Installation of electrical and instrumentation