ADS & NSD Partners Group is an international group acting either as a consultancy or agent, which provides services in several areas, around the world.
The group with its mains bureau in Paris has representatives in Angola, UK, EUA, Spain, Niger, Brazil and Belgium. The main function of the group, in view of the alliances formed offers its partners, respect, absolute confidentiality, secrecy and establish solid partnerships, by providing all the support, necessary in the area of operation where it has, high-level contacts.
For ADS & NSD Partners Group a strong partnership is made with mutual commitment, when in pursuit of common goals with their partners, in all relevant situations to the work process.

ADS & NSD Partners Group, in countries which it operates, offers the opportunities and access to high-level contacts, according to the requirements of each their partners, and will act together public and/or private spheres, representing the interests of their partners and providing all administrative and logistics support, custom clearance, exemption/ reduction of taxes, in accordance with the laws in force of each country.�
Finally, this protocol of partnership seeks agility and security in order to avoid misunderstandings or difficulties, in the process of forming partnerships and exploration of opportunities through of our company.

Protocol of opening of partnership, business consulting and appropriateness’s, trades or new businesses

Protocols of opening of partnership, financings of the projects, search for financings, business appropriateness’s, consulting and research department all trades and the form has to fill for this purpose

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