Who We Are

ADS & NSD PARTNERS GROUP is group of European and African capital and with the capacity of representation of companies, constitution of partnerships, facilitation pf installation in African countries and vice versa.

ADS & NSD PARTNERS GROUP is an international group of companies, investors, funders, banks acting either as a consultancy or agent which provides services in several areas around the world. The group with its main bureau in Paris has representatives in great centers of the world such as Angola, UK, EUA, Spain, Niger, Brazil, Asia, South Africa, Guinea Conakry and Belgium.

Respect and values to our partners

The principal proposals of the group, in view of the alliances that firms with its partners, is respect, confidentiality and absolute secrecy and establish strong partnerships,  giving all necessary support in the area of performance, where it has contacts at high- level.

For ADS & NSD Partners Group, a strong partnership is made with mutual commitment, when in pursuit of common goals with their partners, in all relevant situations to the work process. Therefore, the group is engaged in not only offer opportunities, but act as a true partner in all situations relevant to the process of any job action, development and support.

How we work

ADS & NSD Partners Group in countries which it operates, beyond of offering the opportunities and access to high-level contacts according to the requirements of each their partners, will act together public and/or private spheres, representing the interests of their partners and providing all administrative and logistics support, custom clearance, exemption/ reduction of taxes, in accordance with the laws in force of each country.

Our intents

It is our intention to co-operate with Government offices, development groups, within the various sectors according to their range of interests for their establishment, development, promotion, representation, and protection of their interests in the country of their interest. Therefore, in accordance with the realities and development efforts, to their governments deploy a policy of warfare of their populations, the group wishes to participate in this effort through its partners, performing essential services by our competences and experience, contacts of high levels, credibility and stability, leading, regardless of the investment project, the development of each country.

Our skills

Consultant and representative of foreign companies (European, Asian, African and American), our group is able to finance and carry out projects of great impact in the various sectors of the nation’s economy. The principal goal of our group is to contribute to the accelerated development of African economies, creating partnerships between African governments, private sectors, states and foreign companies, providing investment and commercial advice for a greater autonomy in the acquisition of materials and equipment. Therefore, our group contributes to the development and evaluation of the projects of the national contractors with the benefit of providing them a more viable and cost efficient process thus, contributing to the rebuilding of their country.

Located in the centre of Paris, to represent in economic big cities of whole world ADS & NSD  Partners Group is a Holding Group of promotion fully integrating the international business, research of the financings and better business appropriateness, development and partnership with more than 1550 partners and supplier throughout the world.

Having experience of more than 15 years and formed under the laws of the State European and African, ADS & NSD  Partners Group commits itself  to providing the council necessary to you, in the fulfillment of all your projects. Profiting from a reputation gained in a demanding professional, Mr. MIGUEL PANZO, the chairman, and his associates JAMES EDWARD GILMOUR and STEVEN GORDON GRANT are characterized by their know-how recognized in a world competing context. Their pro-active and organization, in this field enable them to react in a positive manner to the requests of the most demanding customers.