ADS & NSD PARTNERS Group, is a group of Companies with European and African capital, with the capacity of representation of the companies, constitution of the partnerships or associations, facilitation of installation in African country and vice versa.

Acting also as agent, consultant and representation of the foreign companies, (European, American, African and Asian),  able to finance and carry out projects, of great impact, in the various sectors of the nation’s economy, Contributing to the accelerated development of the African economy, creating partnerships between the governments, private sectors, states and foreign companies, providing,  investment , and commercial advise for a greater autonomy in the acquisition of materials and equipment, thus contributing to the, development and evaluation of the projects, of the national contractor with the benefit of transforming it, into a more viable, and cost efficient process, and thus contributing to the rebuilding of the country.

It is our intention to co-operate with the central Governments of the countries, their offices, ministry, development groups and private, within the various sectors, according to their range of interests, for their establishment, development, promotion, representation, and protection of their interests, in the country of their interest.

In conjunction with our partners worldwide, we can offer a unique service, by carrying out preliminary services, based on our vast experience, competence, contacts at high level, and credibility, to assist in the desire and good intentions of the various Governments to improve the well being of their Nations.

We are available to discuss your requirements, and develop any potential business that may be suitable.

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